We will provide oversight and coordination of the project from the owner’s perspective to ensure that it is delivered on schedule, on budget, and at the highest quality. We will act as the owner’s representative as an extension of the owner or project developer and solely represent the owner’s or developer’s best interest independent of the design professionals and general contractors. Major differences between the owner representative, project management, and development services are the level of authorization, scope and the cost of services due to time involvement.

Ownership representation can start of the design development phase, permit phase or construction phase of the development. If elected by ownership, we can offer the coordination with operations and owner related items as part of the standard basic services.    

Design Phase    

Although the owner representative can begin at any phase of the development, it usually commences after the pre-planning phase of the project.

The pre-construction phase usually begins after 50% of the design development phase, during this phase this is where constructability issues are flushed out, costing of the design intent, scheduling and getting a head start on the construction begins. As the owner’s representative, below are some of the topics that will be addressed.

What will we do?

  • Perform a development budget and confirm compliance
  • Provide a cash flow forecasting
  • Propose value engineering options
  • Conduct a constructability analysis/plan review
  • Analyze the contractor’s construction schedule
  • Review the permit process and management
  • Review all the utility distribution

Permit Phase

First, we attend and document all governmental agency meetings, report back to the client for direction on ownership issues. Then, we handle interactions with all governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the project. Lastly, we follow up with all open construction permit to confirm compliance and the eventual closure.          


Attend meetings to define the bid strategy.

Construction Phase

During this phase, we coordinate with the owner, manage contacts, and estimate construction costs. We make sure that the construction is planned specifically and the management is on track.

Attending and documenting all weekly construction coordination AOC meetings, reporting back to the client for direction on ownership issues.

Attend and document all value engineering analysis and recommendations as to schedule, design, planning, construction, systems and other criteria and alternatives and coordinate, review and supervise the work and activities of the architect(s), the contractor, engineers, consultants and other independent contractors engaged on behalf of owner for the development and construction of the project.

Provide monthly reports and budget updates to the owner and provide to owner such information as is reasonably necessary in order for the owner to comply with any reporting and notification requirements of which Development Manager is made aware of in writing, with respect to the development and construction of the Project.

Review and monitor compliance with the contract executed by the Contractor for the construction and development of the Project and other contract documents and the Project Budget and all construction schedules prepared by the Contractor so as to ensure (but Development Manager shall have no obligation to guarantee) the orderly progress of the construction and completion thereof within such schedules, review all requests for payment from the architect(s) and the Contractor, and review, monitor and coordinate the resolution of all contract and insurance claims.