Construction services most effective start period is at the design phase, from a construction point of view this is called pre-construction. We will review the documents from a constructability standpoint and bring in during the estimating phase subcontractors and vendors to assist the design team to plan and specify components, systems and products that code, and ownership compliant. We will also manage the permit process. Our company will provide ownership a cost or construction management agreement to be in line with the building type and size. During this phase, the schedule creates an important timeline that forms the basis of major decision points in a project and keeps a project on track.


During the pre-construction phase, we design, coordinate, and manage the team. We endorse weekly project team meetings and construct and review necessary documents.  Collaboration is most important with the design team as we strive to create our dream project.


The closes out phase consists of supervising the contractor’s completion of “punch lists” of construction work requiring completion and correction from time to time, and monitor and otherwise take all steps necessary to ensure that the contractor completes and corrects said items. Additionally, we coordinate final payment, review the contractor and development closeout.


During this phase, we coordinate with the owner, manage contacts, and estimate construction costs. We make sure that the construction is planned specifically and the management is on track.

We provide monthly reports and budget updates to the owner. Also, the owner is provided information as is reasonably necessary in order for the owner to comply with any reporting and notification requirements of which development manager is made aware of in writing, with respect to the development and construction of the project. Additionally, we handle the schedule analysis and monitor and track on-site construction.

  • Owner Coordination         
  • Contract Management                 
    • Review and monitor compliance with the contract executed by the contractor for the construction and development of the project and other contract documents.
  • Cost / Financial Management                                                                                                                                                   
  • Bid Management
    • We consult with the owner and review the bids as well as supervise the selection by the contractor of all contractors, subcontractors, material men and suppliers providing trade services and/or construction materials for the development and construction of the project.
    • Finally, we coordinate all value engineering analysis and recommendations as to schedule, design, planning, construction, and systems. We review and supervise the work and activities of the architect(s), the contractor, engineers, consultants and other independent contractors engaged on behalf of the owner for the development and construction of the project.